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FLRY-B Automotive Wire

FLRY-B Automotive Wire

   Product Description:

★Rated temperature:90℃

★According to DIN72551-6/1996

★Bunch stranded,tinned or bare copper conductor 

★PVC insulation

★Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure 

  easy stripping and cutting

★Resistant to oil,heat and abrasion

★Interal wiring in autmobile where high flexibility 

  thermo and mechanical strength are required

 ConductorFinished productMaximum Resistance at 20℃
Cross Sectional AreaNO.of CondInsulation Thick.Outside Thick.Weight
0.3512/ 5.4452.00 
0.516/ 7.1937.10 
0.7524/ 10.5124.70 
132/ 13.5518.50 
1.530/ 18.812.70 
2.550/ 30.637.60 
456/0.310.53.70 48.034.70