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AEX  Automotive Wire

AEX Automotive Wire



★Rated temperature:120℃

★According to JASO D 608-92

★Stranded,tinned or bare copper conductor 0.5--8m㎡

★Cross linked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated 

★Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure

  easy stripping and cutting  

★Resistant to oil,ozone and abrasion 

★interal wiring in autmobile where high flexibility

  thermo and mechanical strength are required

 ConductorFinished productMaximum Resistance at 20℃
Cross Sectional AreaNO.of CondInsulation Thick.Outside DiameterWeight
0.5F20/ 8.5238.6
0.57/0.320.52.0 8.9334.6
0.75F30/ 11.4325.8
0.8511/0.320.52.2 12.3522.0 
1.25F50/ 18.1415.5
1.2516/0.320.62.7 18.2515.1
226/0.320.63.1 27.069.3
341/0.320.73.8 41.845.9
565/0.320.84.6 64.323.72
850/0.450.85.3 93.072.45
Note: The "F" in the table indicates that the conductor is a soft structure

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